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About Calibration

Our Standards

We are using high quality standard calibrators to calibrate your instruments

  • FLUKE 5730A & 5522A Multifunctional Calibrators

  • FLUKE 8508A, 8588A & AGILENT 3458A Multimeters

  • FLUKE 7252i & 6270A Low pressure & High pressure Calibrators                     ( from 0.1 H2O to 1000 psi gauge and absolute)

  • FLUKE Hydraulic Dead Weight Tester up to 20000 psi

  • Fluke Series 742A High Precision Resistors


We are able to calibrate

Portable Multimeters

Portable Multifunctional Calibrators

Portable Pressure Calibrators and Indicators

Pressure Gauges up to 20000 psi

Resistance Decade Boxes

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